Upstream Bio share their experience working with the MEU

Excellent to hear from Upstream Bio following our work with them as a one site solution to their clinical trial leads.

Upstream Bio is a biopharmaceutical company based near Boston (USA) developing drugs for treatment of patients with allergic and inflammatory conditions. Early in the company’s infancy we had an urgent need to begin our clinical trials and to develop an unusually difficult flow cytometry assay to assist us in the monitoring of our drug’s pharmacodynamics. The Medicines Evaluation Unit in Manchester afforded us the opportunity to accomplish both these goals at one site.

Initially, Upstream hired an experienced bioanalytical CRO to lead the development of this complex laboratory assay; however, it quickly became evident that MEU’s laboratory was far more capable of (a) leading the assay development and regulatory documentation than the CRO we had originally engaged and (b) obtaining the requisite human samples to standardize and qualify this advanced technology which was so essential to our company’s success.

Doctor Alex Mulvanny, the lead analytical scientist in MEU’s flow laboratory, proved a professional, reliable, engaged, and brilliant partner. Her input and support were vital to the success of our assay development and, eventually, to the application of this assay to the clinical participants enrolled at that clinical site. If in the future the need arose once again to partner with a clinical pathology laboratory with MEU’s services, I would not hesitate to turn to that site.”   – Chaim M. Brickman, MD, Founding Global Asthma Lead at Upstream Bio.

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