CRO Services

MEU is proud to offer its clients a single solution for their clinical trial programmes. A single contract with MEU bridges the gap for clients looking for the leading providers of clinical trial services in a diverse and complex field. MEU provides a bespoke offering of their own highly accomplished and experienced staff and prominent, respected companies to deliver a solution tailored to the individual resource requirements of the client.

Study Management

MEU possesses a number of positive elements and services that go a significant way in providing clients with “added value”.

Protocol Development

We have experienced Clinical Pharmacologists approved to conduct FIH studies under the MHRA Phase 1 accredited scheme.

Data Management

Our Data Management Team aims to ensure that the data collection process is of the highest standard, to meet our clients’ expectations.

Quality Assurance

The MEU Quality Assurance Department has extensive experience and knowledge to provide an efficient and effective solution to any quality need.


We are able to offer a bespoke service in the development of these assays tailored to our clients’ requirements.