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Upstream Bio share their experience working with the MEU

Excellent to hear from Upstream Bio following MEU’s work with them as a one site solution to their clinical trial leads.

“Doctor Alex Mulvanny, the lead analytical scientist in MEU’s flow laboratory, proved a professional, reliable, engaged, and brilliant partner. Her input and support were vital to the success of our assay development and, eventually, to the application of this assay to the clinical participants enrolled at that clinical site.”

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Free Cancer Screening offered as part of MEU Clinical Trial

Cancer screening saves thousands of lives each year.

They can detect cancers at an early stage and in some cases, even prevent cancers from developing in the first place.

Manchester-based clinical research facility Medicines Evaluation Unit (MEU) is currently inviting members of the local community to take part in a free cancer screening programme.

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Arxx Therapeutics Partner With MEU

We have recently paired with Arxx Therapeutics to help deliver their clinical trial. With the help of MEU and CRO Solutions, Arxx is happy to share that they have completed dosing of all healthy volunteers in their ongoing phase 1 study and successfully initiated the multiple ascending dose part in patients with psoriasis.

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