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Original Research (peer reviewed)          

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31 Jan 2017

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11 Nov 2015

Sir Alex Ferguson opens new Bronchoscopy unit at MEU


2 Oct 2015

MEU-Partnership project (KTP008776) nominated for KTP Awards 2015


1 Oct 2015

Watch Professor Singh speaking about COPD Patients and the importance of reducing the risk of exacerbations at ERS 2015 in Amsterdam.


1 Oct 2015

Verona Pharma’s respiratory drug proves positive in study


25 Sept 2015

The new bronchoscopy unit at UHSM, funded by the MEU is now in operation allowing the MEU to increase its bronchoscopy capacity. The unit will be officially opened by Sir Alex Ferguson on Mon 9th November 2015



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2014 World Asthma day

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MEU Clinical Physiology Manager receives John Coates award at ARTP conference gala dinner.



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Wythenshawe Hospital COPD Day

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