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 Medicines Evaluation Unit - Previous Studies

Specific Studies Performed

Some previous studies undertaken by the MEU/Clinical Trials Unit since 1994

1. A steroid tapering study involving a leukotriene antagonist.

2. Comparative study of CFC & HFA metered dose beclomethasone inhalers.

3. Phase II (first dose to patients) pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic study of a potassium channel activator.

4. Phase III comparative/additive study involving a leukotriene antagonist and an inhaled steroid.

5. Bronchodilator action of a new anticholinergic agent in COPD patients.

6. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a phosphodiesterase inhibitior in asthmatic subjects.

7. Bronchodilator response after repeat dosing with a LABA in 49 asthmatics.

8. Protective effect of a leukotriene antagonist against exercise induced asthma in adolescents.

9. Phase II (first dose in patients) study assessing the protective effect of a new beta2 / histamine D2 agonist against histamine induced bronchial provocation.

10. Efficacy of a leukotriene antagonist in severe asthmatics. A multi-centre study.

11. AMP bronchial challenge study in mild asthmatics investigating a new inhaler device for a mast cell stabiliser.

12. A 10 day, 50 patient COPD study assessing a new nebulised bronchodilator compound.

13. Single centre 50 asthmatic patient study assessing the bronchodilator action of CFC free salbutamol.

14. Multi-centre study assessing the efficacy of a new phosphodiesterase inhibitor.

15. Phase II seven way crossover histamine challenge study in 20 subjects with a new chemical entity.

16. Multi-centre 8 week study to assess the protective effect of a LABA and a leukotriene antagonist against exercise induced Asthma [Top recruiter in UK]

17. International study involving a PDE IV inhibitor in asthmatic patients.

18. International study involving a PDE IV inhibitor in COPD.

19. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a potassium channel activator in asthmatics.

20. Bronchial biopsy/BAL study in mild asthmatic patients following multiple dosing with a new inhaled compound.

21. Long term safety and efficacy of a new phosphodiesterase inhibitior.

22. A six month study assessing the efficacy of a new inhaled compound in cystic fibrosis.

23. Multi-centre efficacy/safety study of a new inhaled compound in COPD.

24. Dose equivalence of 2 steroid inhaler devices using adenosine monophosphate challenges.

25. Efficacy of long acting beta-agonist in COPD.

26. Multi-centre study assessing gene linkages in asthmatic families.

27. Twelve month study assessing efficacy of an injectable treatment in severe asthmatics.

28. Single centre 50 patient study assessing bronchodilator action of a new inhaled beat agonist device.

29. Pharmacokinetics of an ICS in severe asthma and healthy volunteer subjects.

30. Single centre, single dose study comparing the bronchodilator effects of a LABA with an anticholinergic and salbutamol combination in patients with COPD.

31. Pharmacokinetics of an intravenous anti-IL5 compound in patients with severe asthma [Top recruiter in UK]

32. Six month comparison of a long acting anticholinergic and a long acting beta agonist in patients with COPD [Top recruiter in UK]

33. Assessment of the effect of a leukotriene antagonist on leukotriene D4 induced bronchoconstriction in asthmatic subjects.

34. Pharmacokinetics of an ICS in healthy volunteers and subjects with COPD.


35. Bioequivalence study of two inhaled steroids by methacholine challenge.

36. Single centre study in 50 asthmatic subjects.

37. Efficacy and tolerability of two formulations of beclomethasone. A 160 patient single centre study.

38. Efficacy, safety and tolerability of an anti IL5 compound.

39. Effect of leukotriene D4 injected into the skin of healthy volunteers.

40. Single dose leukotriene antagonist study assessing protection against inhaled leukotriene D4.

41. Bronchodilation and bronchoprotection (against methacholine challenge) by two formulations of a long acting beta agonist. Single centre 40 patient study.

42. Allergen challenge methodology study.

43. Protection against allergen challenges by two leukotriene antagonists.

44. Protection against leukotriene D4 challenges by two leukotriene antagonists.

45. 300 patient, 6 month single centre study assessing safety of two formulations of beclomethasone.

46. Variability of oxygen saturation in healthy volunteers.

47. Reproducibility of salbutamol bronchodilation dose response in healthy volunteers using sGaw.

48. Cumulative dose response pharmacodynamics of a new bronchodilator in asthmatic subjects.

49. Anti-inflammatory effect of an inhaled steroid using induced sputum.

50. Anti-inflammatory effect of a leukotriene antagonist using induced sputum [Top recruiter in UK]

51. Assessment of effect on serum cortisol and pharmacokinetics of an inhaled steroid in severe asthmatic subjects. A 76 patient single centre study.

52. Bicycle work load test study to assess a LTB4 antagonist in COPD [Top recruiter in UK]

53. Efficacy of inhaled steroid / long acting beta agonist in a new dry powder device.

54. Comparison of two inhaled combination drugs; 40 asthmatic patients

55. Comparison of two inhaled combination drugs; 40 asthmatic patients.

56. Immunotherapy study in seasonal allergic rhinitis patients.

57. Study assessing cough suppressant properties of an NK3 antagonist in healthy volunteers.

58. Early phase II study investigating a twice weekly inhaled compound in asthmatic subjects. [Top recruiter in UK]

59. Long acting beta agonist / inhaled steroid treatment study

60. Studies involving an inhaled PDEIV compound in asthma

61. Five way crossover study assessing a new long acting anticholinergic in COPD

31 Jan 2017

Visit us at DIA Euromeeting

29th - 31st March at SECC, Glasgow


and BIO International Convention

19th - 22nd June in San Diego


11 Nov 2015

Sir Alex Ferguson opens new Bronchoscopy unit at MEU


2 Oct 2015

MEU-Partnership project (KTP008776) nominated for KTP Awards 2015


1 Oct 2015

Watch Professor Singh speaking about COPD Patients and the importance of reducing the risk of exacerbations at ERS 2015 in Amsterdam.


1 Oct 2015

Verona Pharma’s respiratory drug proves positive in study


25 Sept 2015

The new bronchoscopy unit at UHSM, funded by the MEU is now in operation allowing the MEU to increase its bronchoscopy capacity. The unit will be officially opened by Sir Alex Ferguson on Mon 9th November 2015



22 October 2014

The MEU and Knowledge Transfer Partnership work has been chosen as an example of excellence in the

"North West Innovation case book" - see page 19


24 June 2014

2014 World Asthma day

Listen to John Goddard, Volunteer Services Advisor, interview on Wythenshawe FM for World Asthma day


11 February 2014

MEU Clinical Physiology Manager receives John Coates award at ARTP conference gala dinner.



11 May 2012

“The MEU are pleased to announce the completion of our new extension, expanding the total bed capacity from 18 to 36, increasing our out-patient facilities, doubling the size of the volunteer lounge and extending first floor offices.”


5 August 2011

The MEU is pleased to announce that we are now accredited with the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems award.


7 November 2010

Wythenshawe Hospital COPD Day

Listen to Maggie Adu, Volunteer Services Advisor, talking about the COPD Day.



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